The cause

BunsenLabs is created and maintained by volunteers – we do this work because we love it, not for money. However, keeping the distro available online does involve some costs, for example, renting a server and registering the domain name.

No-one need feel obliged – or even expected – to make a financial contribution, and many people support the project in other ways, but if you would like to send us something via PayPal it will of course be most welcome, and help us to meet the costs mentioned above.

Thank you!



Bitcoin donations may be made to the following address:

If you personally have a use for one of the cloud services we use and have not already signed up with them, you can also support the project by using one of the referral links below. These links are tied to you spending money on these platforms, so please don’t feel obliged to sign up with these services with you don’t intend to use them.

Hetzner Cloud


Funding status

Operating expenses estimate, p.a.
Reserve, 1.5a
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