Where can I talk to other BL users and developers?

Official channels

As you may know, we had been using the CrunchBang Linux forums in the beginning. Registrations over there are now closed, but there’s much knowledge left for you to harvest.

You can also consume our News & Announcement news feed via Planet Debian.

Community channels

Where is the BL source code?

BunsenLabs is being developed in public, on Github.

Who are (and were) the project members?

Where can I report bugs?

Report bugs on the forums or the respective package’s issue tracker.

I keep getting a 403 Access Denied error when trying to access the forums!

This is because your IP address is on a IP block list. Please refer to the Forums 403 FAQ for more information and how to resolve this kind of problem.

How can I get my desktop to look like the ones on the front page’s slide show?

You can start by tracking down the original posts on our forums and looking up what the respective user has done or used to produce the pictured result. You can find all links here.

My question isn’t answered here!

Please post your question on our forums.