Forums 403 FAQ

This page serves as a guide to users who are getting locked out from accessing with a 403 Access Denied HTTP error.

Why am I getting blocked?

We do use a number of IP-based block lists to prevent spammers from signing up and accessing the forums. While we do not block full CIDR blocks anymore, chances are that your IP address has been listed on one of the following block lists:

  1. Lashback UBL
  2. FireHOL Webserver BL
  4. Stop-Forum-Spam

Why did I get put on (one of) these block lists?

  1. You might be connecting from a dynamically assigned IP address which was previously used in an abusive manner.
  2. A full IP block got added to the block list in terms of single IP addresses, and your IP address got caught up in this mess. This is particularly true when whole networks become notorious spam sources, such as ISPs from Pakistan or India.
  3. Your ISP uses carrier-grade NAT and you share one public IPv4 address with many other users, any one of whom could have caused the block list entry to be added. Such a situation might amplify the effects of (2).
  4. You did actually spam a forum before.
  5. Any other reason. Contact the block list operators for details.

What can I do to get unblocked?